HiMCM-Math Modeling Contest

    Hello students and parents! Welcome to the HiMCM Wiki. I am hoping this will help enable communication since the contest will soon be upon us (it is 6 am Sunday Nov. 13- 6 pm Monday Nov. 14). A few guidelines for those of you that haven't used a wiki before:

    • To create a new page, click the New Page (+) button.
    • To edit the current page, click the Edit (pencil) button.

    For more information about using the wiki, click Help.

    I have had to change the settings to allow only authenticated users to edit pages (we were being spammed). Any student should be able to log in so they or a parent can make a change. You can also email me with info. and I can add it to the wiki for you if you would prefer. Thanks!

    Mrs. Lovstuen


    I have copies of previous winning solutions. Students can ask me for a copy if they are interested in seeing those.

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