Wildfire Run

The main character of this book is a boy named Luke- he is the presidents son. the president has a pecial retreat, known as camp David, which is thought to be one of the safest places around- or so they thought. The camp is loaded with special technology items to protect the president. But the scientists who designed them forgot one, practically impossible thing: an earthquake during a forest fire. Let me first explain the plot of the book.

Luke is a boy who wishes for some privacy. He has two body guards, and has been allowed to have a friend come to the camp with him- Theo. Theo is a smart boy, who seems to know every thing there is to know about everything. This will come in handy later in the book.

Luke is sleeping, when he feels a jolt. The earth seems to rumble, and then it all stops. Luke had just experianced his first earthquake. Theo slept through the entire thing!

From here, the book goes to a boy who's family is camping. I have already returned this book, and I am unable to remember this boys name- he is a small charactor. Anyway, this boys family is on borrowed time. The Dad notices that the campground area is quite dry. He pokes around there fire pit that they used the previous night, and sees some glowing coals. he tells his son " the boy whos name is unknown" to get some water. the boys does this, and uses a stick to make sure they fire is out. he fails to notice that the end of the stick is glowing. He throws the stick back into the fire pit, and the family is one their way. The earthquake shakes the campfire around, and the stick falls out. The glowing part of it hits a leaf, and soon the fire has began. It spreads throughout the dry woods quickly- its path leading to camp David.

A girl named Callie is on her way to Camp David. Her Dad is going to be the presidents new chef. She is not looking forward to it. Upon arrival at the camp- the pair is shown around. Callie's Dad is quickly sent to the kitchen, leaving Callie alone. She finds Luke and theo- and assistes them in robot making- a thing that they love to do. The fire is spotted- and the president is immediatly rushed away. Noone has come to get Callie, Theo, and Luke yet.

This is as far as I have gotton, but I do like this book so far.


Letter to author Blog

Dear Suzanne Collins,

I am currently in the middle of your book titled The Hunger Games. I find it to be very interesting, and suspenseful. It is so amazing how a person has such an interesting idea- and then writes an amazing book for others to read. I am sure that I could never do such an amazing job! I especially love all of Katniss's feelings throughout the book, and her thought and emotions. You do such a good job- it makes me feel as if I was her, and that I am in the hunger games- fighting for survival.
This book makes me appreciate how lucky I am. I have enough food, I am the controller of my life, and I can go wherever I please. Katniss is the exact opposite! She is a girl who was placed in a place of horror, and of fear. And yet, to me, Katniss seems very strong, and brave. She is not angry, or ungrateful of her childhood. Instead- she takes things that she knows and puts it into her spirit. If I was in Katniss's shoes, I would be bitter. I would have hated the world.
I do relate to Katniss in a few ways. The strongest one is that I would do anything for my family.. I think that this is another reason why I love this book. And how Katniss is doing these things to protect her sister, Prim. I love how close she is to her, and how she connects Prim to Rue.
I love the character, Rue. she is so sweet, and young. It is impossible not to like her. when she dies, I almost cried! I was holding back tears. And when katniss placed flowers around her- that was so perfect! I could picture it so perfectly.

I thank you for writing this book, and I am looking forward to finishing it.


Linnea Carlson


Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone

Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone

I am rereading Harry Potter once again.

This book begins at a perfect- looking house, with a beautifully trimmed yard. An old wizard named Dumbledore is found here- holding a baby. He is dropping the baby off at this doorstep. The baby is called "Harry Potter."

You then skip almost eleven years. Harry is now a growing boy- but he is not loved. He is told that his parents were killed in a car crash, leaving him to stay with his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. His aunt and uncle never like Harry- they much preferred their own, spoiled and big, son- named Dudley. It is Dudley's Birthday. Harry is found sleeping in his "bedroom"( which most people would call a broom cupboard under the staircase). He then is awakened- and goes to the kitchen for his breakfast. In the kitchen, Dudley is found complaining on the numer of presents he recieved. He only got 36- last year he had gotten 37 the previous year. Petunia then assured him that they would go out shopping and get him two more presents. The family and Harry then go to the zoo.( the only reason that Harry gets to go is because they thought he may ruin the house if he stayed home). When they are are at the zoo, Harry begins to absentmindedly talk to a snake. the snake then responds! Dudley see's the snake moving and pushes his hands against the glass.. The glass disappears, and Dudley finds himself in the exhibit in place of the snake! This is just the beginning of weird happenings.

Once home- Harry receives a letter addressed to him, from Hogwarts. Unfortunately, before he is able to read the letter, Harry's uncle take it away from him and ruins it. Letters then start coming in by the dozens, and Vernon decides to move them to try and get get away from the letters. They go to an island in the middle of nowhere. One night, at 12 o'clock, (it's also Harry's birthday), the door the their little house is knocked down. In walks this ginormous, and hairy guy holding a letter for Harry. Harry later finds out that the big, hairy guy is named Hagrid. He is the caretaker of a school called Hogwarts. He also revels an amazing fact to Harry- Harry is a wizard! He also learns that he is invited to a wizarding school called "Hogwarts". this is what all of the letters where about. Hagrid also brings Harry a birthday cake! Dudley somehow sneaks into the cake. Hagrid gives Dudley a pig tail! Then, Hagrid takes Harry away to go to Hogwarts.

This is as far as I have gotten. I like this series a lot!

I do wonder if Harry ever had any clue that he was different. I think that he does quite a bit of "magical" things when he was young. I would think he might realize that something was up.


The Last Olympian

The Last Olympian

This book begins with Percy at a beach, enjoying a nice day. Suddenly, he learns that the war against the Titans is about to begin. The leader of the Titan's army is Krono's- and his army is stronger than ever. Each day, more and more people, as well as monsters are being recruited over to the titan Army. Everyone is wondering when the attack will begin. this is what I would consider the plot. It is here where the characters are developed. The conflict would be the war that could happen any moment- and the steps taken to prepare for it.

The rising action is made up of a lot of different things, some extremely important, others very tiny details. I will go in order of some of the rising action in this paragraph:

After being picked up from the beach, Percy and Beckendorph try to ambush Kronos's ship in a attempt to blow it up. Unfortunately, there is a spy at camp half- blood, and Krono's is warned. Fortunately, Percy and Beckendorph manage to get onto the ship and set up the bombs. They decide to split to get things done faster. Percy runs into Krono's, and is about to start fighting him when he see's Beckendorph being dragged away by guards. Beckendorph has has the bomb activation, but in order to blow the bomb off, he must blown everyone that is on the ship up as well. Percy jumps over 500 feet of the boat into the water. Sadly, Beckendorph is killed. Krono's make it off the ship to safety as well. Percy must go back to camp with the sad news.

When Percy goes back to camp, he is told a prophecy. the prophecy pretty much states that when a boy turns 16, he will die and his own sword will kill him. Everyone assumes that this prophecy is about Percy. Percy is then kidnapped by Hades, who trys to lock Percy up until he is 16, so that his own son, Nico, can be the child of the great prophecy. (Personally, I do not see why any parent would want their child to be the one that dies just so that he can be in a prophecy. If anything- he should lock up his own son until he is 16 to assure his safety!) Luckily, Percy escapes. Percy then jumps into the river of immortality. this means that he will be immortal, except for ant one spot of his own choosing. If he is stabbed in this spot, he will immediately die. Percy then becomes immortal for the time being and makes it safely back to camp half blood.

Then, the climax begins. Once Percy gets back to camp, he learns that the war is beginning. Krono's is trying to overtake New York, and

Percy's "army" must do all that they can to stop him. this is a very long, complex fight. Percy then finds himself fighting his old friend from camp, Ethan. Ethan almost stabbed Percy in his one weak spot- but fortunately, Annabeth puts her arm in front of him and takes the stab herself. They all continue fighting. Many of Percy's friend, school mates, and monsters die in the long battle.

This is as far as I have gotten. I am assuming that Percy will defeat Krono's in the end. I am sure that everything will turn out to be good. This always happens in this series- and I am assuming that this pattern will continue.


For spelling and grammar, I would give myself a three or a four. I think that everything looks okay- but it is very possible that I may have missed something.

For understanding and appreciation, I would probably give myself a three- because I could have added more thoughts to show my understanding.

For Language, details, and appreciation, I would give myself a four. This is because I fell that I organized everything well and put in quite a bit of detail.

For reflection I would do a three as I made some connections- but/i could have made more.

In format, I would give myself a four- because I put the plot parts in order, and I have enough paragraphs. I also said that I was not yet finished with the book.


Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful

The book that I just completed was titled Penny Dreadful. The main character is a girl named "Penelope".

Before I describe the character- let me first give a short summary of the book. Penelope is a very rich girl- and she has everything that she has ever wanted. And yet, she is not happy. She wishes for something eventful to happen. One day- her wish comes true. Her mother, Delia, receives a telegram. Delia learns that she has received her great aunts house. This is a relief the Delia. Penelope was not aware that her family was in a serious financial situation. Because of the inherited house- they were able to start life over. Moving day arrives. The family drives all the way to a tiny town in Tennessee. When they arrive at the house- the discover that many "tenants" are already living in most of the rooms. Delia's Aunt let friends stay in her house free charge- and in the will stats that Delia must do the same. The family then finds out that the home is pretty much owned by the bank, and that they must pay back a ton of loans. The family is now back where they started- being broke.

Penelope is a very quiet girl. When she moves to Tennessee, she decides to change her name to Penny (she never liked the name Penelope- she thought that it sounded to old) . When she moves, Penny meets a friend named Luella. Luella is the person that I am going to describe. Luella is definitely headstrong. For example, when she first meets Penny, this is what she says:
"Hullo! What took you so long?"

Pennys family( The Greys) just stare at Luella.

Luella then says:

"Take a picture! It'll last longer."

At this point, Pennys family has no clue who Luella is- and they are a bit annoyed with her. Later they learn to like her and Penny and Luella become best friends.Luella always speaks her mind. This is unlike me. I try to say things in a nice way, even if I am thinking the opposite- and I often keep what I think quiet. I do not like to hurt people. Luella does not even realize that how she talks is not polite. But Luella has many other traits as well.

Luella is kind, and a good friend, but impatient. I would say that I am most of these things as well. I try my best to be kind to others, I feel like I am an okay friend, and I know that I can often be impatient. The impatientness can be a flaw, but it can sometimes be good as well. For example- Luella always gets things done. She knows what she has to do and finishes it quickly. However- she does not always do things to the best of her abilities as she runs out of patients to complete it. Penny and Luella are like opposites- and that is what make them such good friends. Luella takes Penny out of her comfort zone- and Penny calms Luella down if she is crazy. I would not change anything about Luella. She gives the story spunk, and you cannot help liking her.


Battle of the Labyrinth

Battle of the Labyrinth

During the tour of his new high school, Percy is once again forced to battle monsters. He, along with a mortal named Rachel Dare, fight their way out, barely escaping. Percy meets up with Annabeth shortly after, and the two rush to camp half blood to share the attack news. Percy also has more news. He overheard Luke discussing attack plans on Camp Half Blood. Upon arrival, the two notice things very different from before. Many stuidents are not enrolled at camp any more, and their is an unsual new sword instructor! His name is Quintus along with his pet hell hound, Mrs O' Leary. During one of the night games, Percy and Annabeth uncover the Labyrinth hidden in the woods. They bring the news back to the camp. Annabeth is appointed a quest to over take the Labyrinth creator. After consulting the oracle, she chooses Percy, Grover, and Tyson to accompany her on the journey. they go back to the opening of the Labyrinth. Once inside, they get completely lost.

This is as far as I have gotten.

I am currently a bit confused as to what the Labyrinth is, but I assume that this will be made clear as I progress throughout the book. I have definitely enjoyed this series so far, and would recommend it to anyone who has not read it.


The Titans Curse

The Titans Curse

This is book three in the " Lightning Thief" series. Here is my summary.

It is winter. Percy goes with his friends Thalia and Annabeth to meet Grover at a school. Once arriving, Grover reveals to them that they must help him bring two half blood school students to safety at Camp- Half- Blood. Now, these students are unaware that they are half- bloods. If they discover what they are before making it to camp, their scent will become very strong- helping monsters track them down easier. When they arrive at the school, Percy meets the principal of the school- who he later finds out is demi god. Later in to the night, Percy see's this "principal" taking off with the two "half blooded" children(Bianca and Nico di Angelo Bianca Di Angelo). Although Percy is supposed to consult the group if he see's anything suspicious before acting, Percy decides to follow them. From here things pretty much go downhill. A fight breaks out- and upon arrival, Annabeth is captured. This group of young, immortal girls called " The Hunters" appears and help them to fight the monster off. Percy, his friends, and the Hunters venture back over to camp half blood before deciding what to do. At this point- everyone is pretty mad at Percy. If he have not acted before telling them about the "monster principal kidnapping the kids", Annabeth might still be with them. Anyway, Once the kids arrive at camp- they find that a prophecy has been made. The prophecy pretty much states that 5 kids must go on a journey in order to save Annabeth and the camp- and that two of the kids will die while trying to do it. Percy is very disappointed when he finds out that he was not chose to go on the trip. But, of course he decides to follow them anyway.

This is as far as I have gotten- but so far, this seems like a good book. I have really enjoyed this series so far.


My questions are pretty basic right now-

Do they find Annabeth and save the camp?

Do they all learn to cooperate?

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The Lightning Thief

The Lightning Thief

The book that I am currently reading is titled 'The Lightning Thief'. It is by Rick Riordan.
Percy Jackson is a boy that is used to getting in trouble. When he gets attacked by his transformed math teacher- he knows that something is wrong. His best friend at school, Grover, is an awkward kid. He is always being picked on- and he walks funny. When summer vacation hits, Percy's Mom takes him on a trip to a beautiful island. On the way- everything goes wrong. They are attacked by a monster on their way- destroying their car. Percy's mom tells him to run past a tree. Unable to go on- his mom is killed. Percy makes it past the border- and discovers a magical world. Here he finds all of the Ancient Greek Mythologies in a live version. The place that Percy has landed at is called "Camp Half Blood". Here he learns that Grover is a centaur! His Percy soon make friends and learns the ways of the Greek- including sword fighting! Percy begins to get ready for the camps big game called "Capture the Flag".

This is as far as I have gotten.

Some questions that I would have for the author:

What happens to the monster that destroyed his Mom?

Did Percy's Mother actually die- or was she kidnapped in some way?

I am assuming that my questions will be answered once I have gotten farther along in the book.


A Face First- due August 26

A Face First Download file "415AKDMKKQL.jpg"

The book that I am currently reading is titled" A Face First". It was written by Priscilla Cummings.

6th grade Kelly is on her way home with her Mom- when a truck crashes into their car. Kelly was quickly rushed to the hospital, with 3rd degree burns, and a broken leg. Once she arrives, she is brought to the burn unit. Here, she meets a nice nurse and is given special treatment. Pins are put into her broken leg, and the nurse's have to pluck every piece of dead skin from her body- with tweezers! The doctors have to take skin from other places on her body, and graft that skin onto the burned parts. Kelly has to wear a plastic mask- for about one year, so that the skin will grow back smoothly. Kelly's mother was burned too, but definitely not to the extent of Kelly. Every day, she visits Kelly with a bag of presents, and sometimes even one of Kelly's best friends. Kelly is very embarrassed of her looks- she feels like she is a freak.

Kelly was in great pain. One day, she falls asleep and goes into a dream. Except for this dream has happened before. She was back at the night of the car crash. Kelly watches what happened- and then see's her mom run a red light. Then they crashed. Kelly wonders if this really happened? She wonders who pulled her out of the burning car. Who's at fault for Kelly's injuries? Will Kelly ever know what really happened? Kelly wants the truth. She wonders if she will ever look the same. If I could ask the author any questions, I would probably ask if this book was based on a true story- if not, I would ask her how she got the idea.

This is as far as I have gotten, but so far this book is very good.

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