Wildfire Run

    The main character of this book is a boy named Luke- he is the presidents son. the president has a pecial retreat, known as camp David, which is thought to be one of the safest places around- or so they thought. The camp is loaded with special technology items to protect the president. But the scientists who designed them forgot one, practically impossible thing: an earthquake during a forest fire. Let me first explain the plot of the book.

    Luke is a boy who wishes for some privacy. He has two body guards, and has been allowed to have a friend come to the camp with him- Theo. Theo is a smart boy, who seems to know every thing there is to know about everything. This will come in handy later in the book.

    Luke is sleeping, when he feels a jolt. The earth seems to rumble, and then it all stops. Luke had just experianced his first earthquake. Theo slept through the entire thing!

    From here, the book goes to a boy who's family is camping. I have already returned this book, and I am unable to remember this boys name- he is a small charactor. Anyway, this boys family is on borrowed time. The Dad notices that the campground area is quite dry. He pokes around there fire pit that they used the previous night, and sees some glowing coals. he tells his son " the boy whos name is unknown" to get some water. the boys does this, and uses a stick to make sure they fire is out. he fails to notice that the end of the stick is glowing. He throws the stick back into the fire pit, and the family is one their way. The earthquake shakes the campfire around, and the stick falls out. The glowing part of it hits a leaf, and soon the fire has began. It spreads throughout the dry woods quickly- its path leading to camp David.

    A girl named Callie is on her way to Camp David. Her Dad is going to be the presidents new chef. She is not looking forward to it. Upon arrival at the camp- the pair is shown around. Callie's Dad is quickly sent to the kitchen, leaving Callie alone. She finds Luke and theo- and assistes them in robot making- a thing that they love to do. The fire is spotted- and the president is immediatly rushed away. Noone has come to get Callie, Theo, and Luke yet.

    This is as far as I have gotton, but I do like this book so far.