The Lightning Thief

    The Lightning Thief

    The book that I am currently reading is titled 'The Lightning Thief'. It is by Rick Riordan.
    Percy Jackson is a boy that is used to getting in trouble. When he gets attacked by his transformed math teacher- he knows that something is wrong. His best friend at school, Grover, is an awkward kid. He is always being picked on- and he walks funny. When summer vacation hits, Percy's Mom takes him on a trip to a beautiful island. On the way- everything goes wrong. They are attacked by a monster on their way- destroying their car. Percy's mom tells him to run past a tree. Unable to go on- his mom is killed. Percy makes it past the border- and discovers a magical world. Here he finds all of the Ancient Greek Mythologies in a live version. The place that Percy has landed at is called "Camp Half Blood". Here he learns that Grover is a centaur! His Percy soon make friends and learns the ways of the Greek- including sword fighting! Percy begins to get ready for the camps big game called "Capture the Flag".

    This is as far as I have gotten.

    Some questions that I would have for the author:

    What happens to the monster that destroyed his Mom?

    Did Percy's Mother actually die- or was she kidnapped in some way?

    I am assuming that my questions will be answered once I have gotten farther along in the book.


    Keune, Janelle
    Sep 7, 2011

    Excellent! I like the questions you are asking... Let me know the answers when you get to them!

    Sep 11, 2011

    Here are my answers to these questions:

    1) He is destroyed for a while- but will be reborn eventually.

    2) No. Percy's Mom was kidnapped. Percy eventually saves her.