The Last Olympian

    The Last Olympian

    This book begins with Percy at a beach, enjoying a nice day. Suddenly, he learns that the war against the Titans is about to begin. The leader of the Titan's army is Krono's- and his army is stronger than ever. Each day, more and more people, as well as monsters are being recruited over to the titan Army. Everyone is wondering when the attack will begin. this is what I would consider the plot. It is here where the characters are developed. The conflict would be the war that could happen any moment- and the steps taken to prepare for it.

    The rising action is made up of a lot of different things, some extremely important, others very tiny details. I will go in order of some of the rising action in this paragraph:

    After being picked up from the beach, Percy and Beckendorph try to ambush Kronos's ship in a attempt to blow it up. Unfortunately, there is a spy at camp half- blood, and Krono's is warned. Fortunately, Percy and Beckendorph manage to get onto the ship and set up the bombs. They decide to split to get things done faster. Percy runs into Krono's, and is about to start fighting him when he see's Beckendorph being dragged away by guards. Beckendorph has has the bomb activation, but in order to blow the bomb off, he must blown everyone that is on the ship up as well. Percy jumps over 500 feet of the boat into the water. Sadly, Beckendorph is killed. Krono's make it off the ship to safety as well. Percy must go back to camp with the sad news.

    When Percy goes back to camp, he is told a prophecy. the prophecy pretty much states that when a boy turns 16, he will die and his own sword will kill him. Everyone assumes that this prophecy is about Percy. Percy is then kidnapped by Hades, who trys to lock Percy up until he is 16, so that his own son, Nico, can be the child of the great prophecy. (Personally, I do not see why any parent would want their child to be the one that dies just so that he can be in a prophecy. If anything- he should lock up his own son until he is 16 to assure his safety!) Luckily, Percy escapes. Percy then jumps into the river of immortality. this means that he will be immortal, except for ant one spot of his own choosing. If he is stabbed in this spot, he will immediately die. Percy then becomes immortal for the time being and makes it safely back to camp half blood.

    Then, the climax begins. Once Percy gets back to camp, he learns that the war is beginning. Krono's is trying to overtake New York, and

    Percy's "army" must do all that they can to stop him. this is a very long, complex fight. Percy then finds himself fighting his old friend from camp, Ethan. Ethan almost stabbed Percy in his one weak spot- but fortunately, Annabeth puts her arm in front of him and takes the stab herself. They all continue fighting. Many of Percy's friend, school mates, and monsters die in the long battle.

    This is as far as I have gotten. I am assuming that Percy will defeat Krono's in the end. I am sure that everything will turn out to be good. This always happens in this series- and I am assuming that this pattern will continue.


    For spelling and grammar, I would give myself a three or a four. I think that everything looks okay- but it is very possible that I may have missed something.

    For understanding and appreciation, I would probably give myself a three- because I could have added more thoughts to show my understanding.

    For Language, details, and appreciation, I would give myself a four. This is because I fell that I organized everything well and put in quite a bit of detail.

    For reflection I would do a three as I made some connections- but/i could have made more.

    In format, I would give myself a four- because I put the plot parts in order, and I have enough paragraphs. I also said that I was not yet finished with the book.