Penny Dreadful

    Penny Dreadful

    The book that I just completed was titled Penny Dreadful. The main character is a girl named "Penelope".

    Before I describe the character- let me first give a short summary of the book. Penelope is a very rich girl- and she has everything that she has ever wanted. And yet, she is not happy. She wishes for something eventful to happen. One day- her wish comes true. Her mother, Delia, receives a telegram. Delia learns that she has received her great aunts house. This is a relief the Delia. Penelope was not aware that her family was in a serious financial situation. Because of the inherited house- they were able to start life over. Moving day arrives. The family drives all the way to a tiny town in Tennessee. When they arrive at the house- the discover that many "tenants" are already living in most of the rooms. Delia's Aunt let friends stay in her house free charge- and in the will stats that Delia must do the same. The family then finds out that the home is pretty much owned by the bank, and that they must pay back a ton of loans. The family is now back where they started- being broke.

    Penelope is a very quiet girl. When she moves to Tennessee, she decides to change her name to Penny (she never liked the name Penelope- she thought that it sounded to old) . When she moves, Penny meets a friend named Luella. Luella is the person that I am going to describe. Luella is definitely headstrong. For example, when she first meets Penny, this is what she says:
    "Hullo! What took you so long?"

    Pennys family( The Greys) just stare at Luella.

    Luella then says:

    "Take a picture! It'll last longer."

    At this point, Pennys family has no clue who Luella is- and they are a bit annoyed with her. Later they learn to like her and Penny and Luella become best friends.Luella always speaks her mind. This is unlike me. I try to say things in a nice way, even if I am thinking the opposite- and I often keep what I think quiet. I do not like to hurt people. Luella does not even realize that how she talks is not polite. But Luella has many other traits as well.

    Luella is kind, and a good friend, but impatient. I would say that I am most of these things as well. I try my best to be kind to others, I feel like I am an okay friend, and I know that I can often be impatient. The impatientness can be a flaw, but it can sometimes be good as well. For example- Luella always gets things done. She knows what she has to do and finishes it quickly. However- she does not always do things to the best of her abilities as she runs out of patients to complete it. Penny and Luella are like opposites- and that is what make them such good friends. Luella takes Penny out of her comfort zone- and Penny calms Luella down if she is crazy. I would not change anything about Luella. She gives the story spunk, and you cannot help liking her.