A Face First- due August 26

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    The book that I am currently reading is titled" A Face First". It was written by Priscilla Cummings.

    6th grade Kelly is on her way home with her Mom- when a truck crashes into their car. Kelly was quickly rushed to the hospital, with 3rd degree burns, and a broken leg. Once she arrives, she is brought to the burn unit. Here, she meets a nice nurse and is given special treatment. Pins are put into her broken leg, and the nurse's have to pluck every piece of dead skin from her body- with tweezers! The doctors have to take skin from other places on her body, and graft that skin onto the burned parts. Kelly has to wear a plastic mask- for about one year, so that the skin will grow back smoothly. Kelly's mother was burned too, but definitely not to the extent of Kelly. Every day, she visits Kelly with a bag of presents, and sometimes even one of Kelly's best friends. Kelly is very embarrassed of her looks- she feels like she is a freak.

    Kelly was in great pain. One day, she falls asleep and goes into a dream. Except for this dream has happened before. She was back at the night of the car crash. Kelly watches what happened- and then see's her mom run a red light. Then they crashed. Kelly wonders if this really happened? She wonders who pulled her out of the burning car. Who's at fault for Kelly's injuries? Will Kelly ever know what really happened? Kelly wants the truth. She wonders if she will ever look the same. If I could ask the author any questions, I would probably ask if this book was based on a true story- if not, I would ask her how she got the idea.

    This is as far as I have gotten, but so far this book is very good.


    Keune, Janelle
    Aug 31, 2011

    Excellent keep it up! Feel free to ask and answer your own questions.