Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone

    Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone

    I am rereading Harry Potter once again.

    This book begins at a perfect- looking house, with a beautifully trimmed yard. An old wizard named Dumbledore is found here- holding a baby. He is dropping the baby off at this doorstep. The baby is called "Harry Potter."

    You then skip almost eleven years. Harry is now a growing boy- but he is not loved. He is told that his parents were killed in a car crash, leaving him to stay with his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. His aunt and uncle never like Harry- they much preferred their own, spoiled and big, son- named Dudley. It is Dudley's Birthday. Harry is found sleeping in his "bedroom"( which most people would call a broom cupboard under the staircase). He then is awakened- and goes to the kitchen for his breakfast. In the kitchen, Dudley is found complaining on the numer of presents he recieved. He only got 36- last year he had gotten 37 the previous year. Petunia then assured him that they would go out shopping and get him two more presents. The family and Harry then go to the zoo.( the only reason that Harry gets to go is because they thought he may ruin the house if he stayed home). When they are are at the zoo, Harry begins to absentmindedly talk to a snake. the snake then responds! Dudley see's the snake moving and pushes his hands against the glass.. The glass disappears, and Dudley finds himself in the exhibit in place of the snake! This is just the beginning of weird happenings.

    Once home- Harry receives a letter addressed to him, from Hogwarts. Unfortunately, before he is able to read the letter, Harry's uncle take it away from him and ruins it. Letters then start coming in by the dozens, and Vernon decides to move them to try and get get away from the letters. They go to an island in the middle of nowhere. One night, at 12 o'clock, (it's also Harry's birthday), the door the their little house is knocked down. In walks this ginormous, and hairy guy holding a letter for Harry. Harry later finds out that the big, hairy guy is named Hagrid. He is the caretaker of a school called Hogwarts. He also revels an amazing fact to Harry- Harry is a wizard! He also learns that he is invited to a wizarding school called "Hogwarts". this is what all of the letters where about. Hagrid also brings Harry a birthday cake! Dudley somehow sneaks into the cake. Hagrid gives Dudley a pig tail! Then, Hagrid takes Harry away to go to Hogwarts.

    This is as far as I have gotten. I like this series a lot!

    I do wonder if Harry ever had any clue that he was different. I think that he does quite a bit of "magical" things when he was young. I would think he might realize that something was up.