The Titans Curse

    The Titans Curse

    This is book three in the " Lightning Thief" series. Here is my summary.

    It is winter. Percy goes with his friends Thalia and Annabeth to meet Grover at a school. Once arriving, Grover reveals to them that they must help him bring two half blood school students to safety at Camp- Half- Blood. Now, these students are unaware that they are half- bloods. If they discover what they are before making it to camp, their scent will become very strong- helping monsters track them down easier. When they arrive at the school, Percy meets the principal of the school- who he later finds out is demi god. Later in to the night, Percy see's this "principal" taking off with the two "half blooded" children(Bianca and Nico di Angelo Bianca Di Angelo). Although Percy is supposed to consult the group if he see's anything suspicious before acting, Percy decides to follow them. From here things pretty much go downhill. A fight breaks out- and upon arrival, Annabeth is captured. This group of young, immortal girls called " The Hunters" appears and help them to fight the monster off. Percy, his friends, and the Hunters venture back over to camp half blood before deciding what to do. At this point- everyone is pretty mad at Percy. If he have not acted before telling them about the "monster principal kidnapping the kids", Annabeth might still be with them. Anyway, Once the kids arrive at camp- they find that a prophecy has been made. The prophecy pretty much states that 5 kids must go on a journey in order to save Annabeth and the camp- and that two of the kids will die while trying to do it. Percy is very disappointed when he finds out that he was not chose to go on the trip. But, of course he decides to follow them anyway.

    This is as far as I have gotten- but so far, this seems like a good book. I have really enjoyed this series so far.


    My questions are pretty basic right now-

    Do they find Annabeth and save the camp?

    Do they all learn to cooperate?


    Sep 15, 2011

    Answers to Questions:

    #1) Yes-Annabeth is saved as while as the camp. The camp is very weak though.

    #2) They do not completely ever learn to cooperate, they do, however, learn to become friends.