Letter to author Blog

    Dear Suzanne Collins,

    I am currently in the middle of your book titled The Hunger Games. I find it to be very interesting, and suspenseful. It is so amazing how a person has such an interesting idea- and then writes an amazing book for others to read. I am sure that I could never do such an amazing job! I especially love all of Katniss's feelings throughout the book, and her thought and emotions. You do such a good job- it makes me feel as if I was her, and that I am in the hunger games- fighting for survival.
    This book makes me appreciate how lucky I am. I have enough food, I am the controller of my life, and I can go wherever I please. Katniss is the exact opposite! She is a girl who was placed in a place of horror, and of fear. And yet, to me, Katniss seems very strong, and brave. She is not angry, or ungrateful of her childhood. Instead- she takes things that she knows and puts it into her spirit. If I was in Katniss's shoes, I would be bitter. I would have hated the world.
    I do relate to Katniss in a few ways. The strongest one is that I would do anything for my family.. I think that this is another reason why I love this book. And how Katniss is doing these things to protect her sister, Prim. I love how close she is to her, and how she connects Prim to Rue.
    I love the character, Rue. she is so sweet, and young. It is impossible not to like her. when she dies, I almost cried! I was holding back tears. And when katniss placed flowers around her- that was so perfect! I could picture it so perfectly.

    I thank you for writing this book, and I am looking forward to finishing it.


    Linnea Carlson