Battle of the Labyrinth

    Battle of the Labyrinth

    During the tour of his new high school, Percy is once again forced to battle monsters. He, along with a mortal named Rachel Dare, fight their way out, barely escaping. Percy meets up with Annabeth shortly after, and the two rush to camp half blood to share the attack news. Percy also has more news. He overheard Luke discussing attack plans on Camp Half Blood. Upon arrival, the two notice things very different from before. Many stuidents are not enrolled at camp any more, and their is an unsual new sword instructor! His name is Quintus along with his pet hell hound, Mrs O' Leary. During one of the night games, Percy and Annabeth uncover the Labyrinth hidden in the woods. They bring the news back to the camp. Annabeth is appointed a quest to over take the Labyrinth creator. After consulting the oracle, she chooses Percy, Grover, and Tyson to accompany her on the journey. they go back to the opening of the Labyrinth. Once inside, they get completely lost.

    This is as far as I have gotten.

    I am currently a bit confused as to what the Labyrinth is, but I assume that this will be made clear as I progress throughout the book. I have definitely enjoyed this series so far, and would recommend it to anyone who has not read it.