Mrs. Clausen's Blog

We have had some fun times in science doing our beetle pulls. It was amazing how many paperclips the beetles could drag. Our number one puller was able to drag over fifty, which was 14 times its own weight. That means if we weighed 100 pounds, we should be able to pull something that weighs 1,400 lbs!

We are now working on researching biomes (ecosystems)in science/reading. Each group will make a poster to share with the class. Ask your child which biome he/she is doing and have them share some facts that they are learning.

The students are doing a great job with their cursive writing! We are almost finished learning all of the capital letters and will be using cursive more and more on a daily basis.

Keep your child reading for the Reading Resolutions calendar. If they have met the goal of 400 min. already, set a higher personal goal (maybe even 1,000).

Would you, as parents, like a monthly Reading Calendar and goal?