Today in math class we made a table. The table was about colors of starbursts. It was fun and we liked it.

We learned about attention getters to use in a conversations.
Zoe, Rachael, Arne, and Tashina are practicing attention getters.

In PE we played volleyball.

On Friday we are going to make lunch for Marie's birthday. She is going to be the BIG 40!!!



Today we had Luther. We met our new Luther buddies. It was a LOT of fun! We played catch with a ball, ran on the track, played basketball, and road a bike. We also played frisbee.
Zoe and Ingrid

Ally, Amanda, and Anna

Arne and Czenvic

Dustin, David, and Micah
Tashina and Kate


Happy Weekend...

We have had a GREAT couple of first weeks. We have had many early outs due to heat and I am hoping that is behind us! Look for us to blog MORE next week! Have a fantastic weekend!

Marie and Room E119


Wednesday September 4

Today we had a new visitor. Her name is Rachael. She has four daughters and a husband named Brent. We worked on descriptive words. We also made cards.

So long and have a great night!

Room E119 formally Room 108
Arne finished his sentence today.


Tuesday September 3

Today Arne, Tashina, Ally had goulash for lunch. Zoe had pulled pork sandwich. Dustin watched Battleship during lunch. We had P.E. and we ran the mile. It was fun and hot. Not as hot as last week! In art we took pictures around the school for our renovation book.
During group we looked inside our buckets. Inside our bucket was a note that said "Have a good day".

Good bye and have a great night.

Room E119 formally Room 108

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Tashina's Birthday

We celebrated Tashina's birthday today. We made ham balls for lunch as well as cheese potatoes. For dessert we ate happy cake and it was delicious! Later, we played in the gym and it was really fun. Now we get to listen to music, one of our favorite songs is Chicken Fried. Until Monday, this is Patrick and Arne signing off.