If I had to choose clothing that with it I could ware something new every day it would this. Six t-shirts, one red, one blue, one gray, one black, one orange, and one would be a chicago bears shirt. With that I'd have three pairs of pants, a light blue pair of jeans, a dark blue pair of jeans, and green shorts. Also I'd have two pairs of shoes, a pair that worn in real good, and the other hardly used. Finally I'd have five different pencils to put in my hair. A regular one with a yellow eraser, a regular one woth a blue eraser, a regular one with an orange eraser, a regular one pink eraser, and a mechanical pencil.

This would be my wardobe if I had to make one.


solving a problem two ways

For this blog I will be doing two different ways of doing one problem. The problem is -4x+3<8x+13. One way of doing this problem is to start with adding 4x to each side, then you'd have 3<12x+13. So the next the next thing you should do is subtracting 12 from each side. If you did that next, you would have -10<12x. To finnish this problem off, dive each side by 12. If you did this you would have 0.83<x. Another way to solve this problem is to start by subtracting three from each side. So you'd start with -4x+3<8x+13. What you'd have after you did that would be, -4x<8x+10. Now you have to subtract 8x from each side. Now the problem is almost done. Your new thing would be -12x<10, so to finnish it off you divide each side by 12. So your final answer would be, x<0.83. You can see the resemblance of each of these, but they are not the same thing.


math propertys

I'll just do the property I was given for our play type thing. That property was the communitive proerty of additon and multiplacation. This property says that a+b=b+a. This is for any real number. So say I had 5+1. I could switch the 5 and 1 around and it will be the same thing. This property also works for multiplacation. For this one, say I had 7* 3. It would be the same thing if you said 3*7.


study for test/ equations

When I study for test like the one we just had. I usually read over my notes to see what I know and what I don't. I will also make up my own problems and solve them.

The first step to solve an equation is the pre step. In the pre step what you have to do is change all subtraction to plus a negative. The next step is to combine al like terms. For it to a like term it must have the same variable, and exponent. If they do not have them the same you can not combine them. Next you have to isolate the variable by getting the variable on one side and the rest on the other. The last step is to get just one variable. to do this you have to either multiply or divide.


algebra in the everyday world

There is a lot of ways that algebra is used throughout the day, other than in math class. One of those ways could be if you only have so much money, and you need to get food or groceries. Say you only had fifty dollars to get everything you need. You'd have to keep track of what something costs, and how much money you have left.

Another way that algebra can be used every day is doing it just for fun. Some people may make up problems, and do them as if they were reading a book. Me personally I would not do this, but some people may.

These are some ways algebra can be used in everyday life.



This year in math I expect to learn a lot. What we learn may not apeal to me, but I'll still like learning it. Math is accually one of my favorite subjects. I did pertty bad last year in the first quarter and got a C+. Then I rebounded and got an A- in the fourth quarter. My goal for this year is to just get B's and A's.


Locker Problem-8/26/11

At first I had no idea how to do the locker problem. Then after three or four tries, I finally got it. For a locker to be open the number of it has to be a square number.

How I found this out was by drawing a picture. I drew ten lockers and found the open ones witch were, 1, 4, and 9. So I found out that the simularity between them is that they are square numbers. Also for the locker to be open an odd number of people had to do some thing to it. Take nine for example one opens it, then three closes it, and nine opened it. An odd number of people and it is open.

When I did figure out how to tell if a locker was open or not I wanted to kick myself because it was so easy.

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