Locker Problem-8/26/11

At first I had no idea how to do the locker problem. Then after three or four tries, I finally got it. For a locker to be open the number of it has to be a square number.

How I found this out was by drawing a picture. I drew ten lockers and found the open ones witch were, 1, 4, and 9. So I found out that the simularity between them is that they are square numbers. Also for the locker to be open an odd number of people had to do some thing to it. Take nine for example one opens it, then three closes it, and nine opened it. An odd number of people and it is open.

When I did figure out how to tell if a locker was open or not I wanted to kick myself because it was so easy.


Keune, Janelle
Aug 31, 2011

I agree.. You understand why now but try to explain it a little more to us so others will understand a little more of how you completed it.