solving a problem two ways

    For this blog I will be doing two different ways of doing one problem. The problem is -4x+3<8x+13. One way of doing this problem is to start with adding 4x to each side, then you'd have 3<12x+13. So the next the next thing you should do is subtracting 12 from each side. If you did that next, you would have -10<12x. To finnish this problem off, dive each side by 12. If you did this you would have 0.83<x. Another way to solve this problem is to start by subtracting three from each side. So you'd start with -4x+3<8x+13. What you'd have after you did that would be, -4x<8x+10. Now you have to subtract 8x from each side. Now the problem is almost done. Your new thing would be -12x<10, so to finnish it off you divide each side by 12. So your final answer would be, x<0.83. You can see the resemblance of each of these, but they are not the same thing.